Wedding Invitation Etiquette


“When to Send? How much Postage?                       Do I need a theme?”

When should I order my invitations?

Once your event details are finalized (i.e. location, date, and time), you should place your order.  You want to ensure you have enough time to find the right invitation and choose your ink color, font and wording to accommodate the look and feel of your event.  With so many options you need time to view what is available.  You also need ample time to receive your order, address the invitations and mail them to your guests.  Typically invitations are ordered 3 to 12 months before the date of any event.

Should my invitations match the theme or colors of my event?
First impressions are lasting ones especially with invitations, as this will set the tone of your event to your guests.  This choice is solely your own, and will depend upon preference.  You can incorporate colors of your flowers (for weddings) or bridesmaid dress on your invitations.  If you have a specific theme for your wedding you could even incorporate that with a specific motif into your invitations.  Or, if you are having a wedding on the beach, tropical invitations are a great way to illustrate the look and feel of your event.   For birthdays, corporate events, and any other occasion you may match your invitation colors with your decor, however, themes are often used for events such as these.
How many invitations should I order?

Remember to order invitations per household and not per guest.  If you have two guests that live in the same household they will typically receive one invitation.  Unless, however, it is a family with adult child(ren), the adult child typically would receive their own personal invitation.  An, adult child is typically over the age of 18 and/or 21.

Once you have your final number of invitations needed, make sure you order 10-25 more invitations than you need.  This is done just in case you remember someone you forgot to include on your list or decide to add guests later.  It is more costly to place a second order for just 25 or less invitations, so it is recommended to order extra invitations to begin with.

When should I mail my invitations to my guests?

For weddings, guest may be sent an invitations 6 to 8 weeks prior to the event date.  However, if you have international guests or a substantial amount of out of town guests you should typically send the invitations 10-12 weeks before the event.  This gives your guests time to plan their travel schedule.  The same guidelines apply if you are having your event during a holiday season or are having a destination wedding.  You want to ensure you give your guests ample time to plan for your special day.

A Save the Date announcement, is a great way to notify guests of your upcoming event.  Save the Dates are great for providing accommodation information along with event date information in advance for guests’ convenience.  Save the Date announcements should be sent out 3-12 months prior to your event.

We are having an adult reception how do we tell people?
You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last couple to have an adult only reception.  There is no sincere way to say leave your children at home please.
If your ceremony is immediately following the ceremony you would want to include a notation that reads, “Adult Reception immediately following the ceremony,” if your reception is at another location your reception card should read, “Please join us for an Adult Reception at 123 Main Street, Bing, Maryland 20839″.
If you are still on the fence about whether or not you will allow children as guests another option would be to pay a teenager relative to watch and entertain the guests children during the reception in location near the reception site or onsite if possible.

How do I address my invitations?

Invitations may be addressed in several ways.  Typically they are handwritten, printed or done in calligraphy.  Etiquette suggests to avoid using labels of any sort.

Outer Envelopes should be addressed to guests using the proper titles (Mr., Mrs., Miss., Ms.) Don’t abbreviate names or addresses.  The outer envelopes has the guests’ names and address.

Men and women living together who are not married should be addressed with names on separate lines with the woman’s name coming first.

The inner envelope has become less popular, but if utilized, should only have the guests’ names.  It is not glued so it doesn’t seal.  You may be formal by writing Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williams or as informal as Uncle Joe and Auntie Ginnie.

When specifically inviting children:

Young boys up to the age seven are given the title as master.  Mr. is used at the age of 18.  No title is used between the ages 7-18.  Depending on your preference you may issue the child with no title.

Young girls are given the title Miss. Then when married it changes to Mrs. or Ms. if the woman keeps her birth name.  Again, depending on your preference you may issue the child with no title.

How much postage do I need?

You should weigh your invitation for postage before mailing.  When items are added to the envelopes, the weight can increase.  Additionally, the size/shape of your envelope could also increase cost of postage.  For more information on postage it is recommended you visit your local usps or


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Custom Designs Website Launch ~ Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Attire

In my own quest to find the PERFECT outfit for  Friday, February 14, 2014  I thought I would share some amazing dress ideas for you ladies, or gents (this could be a great gift for that special someone.)  These options are perfect for any event, and if you are in a not so warm area pairing some of these cute numbers with a blazer, or short accessory coat would be fab!

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Top 10 Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Whether your love or hate Valentine’s Day there is no escaping it. We have created a top 10 list of budget friendly dates for the “day of love” .



1. A romantic picnic in front of the fireplace

2. Play tourist in your own city! Explore your city, spend the day taking pictures, checking out monuments, discover neighborhoods you have never been too, and maybe even book a room for the night.

3. Depending on where you live…going ice skating (or roller blading) for a quaint date can be very enjoyable, and work up an appetite.

4. Create a spa ambiance in the privacy of your own home. Light some candles, play some soft music, run a hot bath complete with oils.  Following the relaxing bath give each other a nice full body massage. For some information on massage techniques check out this link:

5. Check out a local poetry jam for a light sip and see.  It will be a nice and enjoyable time, in a relaxing, romantic setting.

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Valentine’s Day Launch



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Be your own best Beyonce La Perla Style for Valentine’s Day


How many ladies are going to be #Yonce ready for Valentine’s Day?

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How many of you saw the Grammy Awards?  I’m sure there were quite a few women who wished they could be that much in love or at least have the corset Beyonce was wearing. If you are lucky to be that much in love (and want to be that sexy)This Valentine’s Day, with the help of La Perla you can make those wishes come true.

Beyoncé Knowles wears La Perla Cage collection to perform at the 56th GRAMMY Awards.  The three-piece 2013 ‘Cage’ Capsule Collection, which spans a strapless bra, briefs and a high-waisted short, is inspired by the iconic ‘cage bustier’ which was first released by the brand in 2007 and worn by the likes of the ever-glamorous Victoria Beckham in the Spice Girls reunion video “Headlines”. D5 CAGES 0018609_0018797

Epitomizing the highest level of craftsmanship for which the brand is renowned, the cage collection created entirely by hand using…

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With girlfriend’s Pinterest board, man proposes, plans her dream wedding all in one day


The amazing proposal story of Ryan Leak to Amanda Roman ! Engaged and Married all in one day! Such an inspiration

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MIAMI — (CNN) By chance, Ryan Leak, a 27-year-old Texas man overheard his girlfriend Amanda Roman tell a friend that she thought it would be cool to get engaged and married on the same day.

Inspired, Leak spent a whole year trying to figure out a way to make a surprise like that happen. The problem was, Leak needed to know the specifics. What kind of dress would she want? What about the flowers?

Enter Pinterest, the ultimate wingman, the virtual collage site that allows people to visually organize pictures and ideas by “pinning” them to different “boards.”

Leak found his beloved’s Pinterest wedding board, on which she had pinned more than 200 wedding-related ideas and inspirations. Jackpot.

“She planned the entire wedding, without even knowing she planned the entire wedding,” Leak said.

As operation Stealth Pinterest Wedding went on, Leak, who lives in Texas, decided to base the festivities…

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