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Wedding planning can be very exciting, fun, overwhelming and sometimes super stressful. Selecting a venue, invitations, colors, number of guest, and saying “yes to the dress” are just a few of the many things to worry about.

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Oh, and don’t forget about the music, a very important piece of the ceremony. Everyone loves music so making your music selections fun, and enjoyable for any age group is important.  No worries, we can surely assist you with that!  Let’s talk about recessional songs! You know, the song that plays after the moment you both say “I do” and are presented to your friends and family.

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What better way to walk down the aisle as one to a meaningful song!

Check out our list of top recessional songs:

  • Michael Jackson “Love Never Felt So Good”
  • 311 “Love Song”
  • Beatles “All You Need Is Love”
  • Beyoncé “XO”
  • Beyoncé “Love on Top”
  • Colbie Caillat “I do”
  • Dru Hill “Share My World”
  • Jason Derulo “Marry Me”
  • Bob Dylan “Forever”
  • Elton John “Can You Feel the Love”
  • John Legend “All of Me”
  • Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are”
  • Bruno Mars “Marry You”
  • Jesse McCarty “Beautiful Soul”
  • Nicki Manji “Moment in Life”
  • Katy Perry “Unconditionally”
  • Elvis Presley “Love Me Tender”
  • Pharrell Williams “Happy”
  • Musiq Soulchild “Until”
  • U2 “Beautiful Day”

Happy Planning Beauties & Gents!



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Happy Planning Beauties & Gents !


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Marriage Licenses

So, no glitz, glam and pretty photos in this one.  Just the real business about Marriage Licenses the most important piece of paper to establish your union.

Some couples are unsure of where to begin and the associated cost with this fine piece of paper thus my below list was created for your reference.  These answers apply to those getting married in the state of Maryland.

Before we dive in I want to share a fun fact that I learned a few years ago is that most (not all) destination wedding couples plan to get married at the court house so they don’t have to deal with the legality of the licensing in another country.

1. Where do I get it? County Courthouse
2. Which county? The county in which your wedding is to be held.  If for some reason this is not convenient for you some counties do allow a fillable PDF Non-resident form to be completed and provided to the Clerk or Circuit Court where you reside or comparable office.
3. How much does it cost? Depends on the county. Anywhere between $35-$55 as of 06/18/14 some accept Visa/Mastercard (Calvert $55 (cash/money order only), Howard $50 (cash only), Montgomery $50 (cash or check is preferred), Charles (Cash Only)
4. What do I need? Photo ID and both of your SS#s, DOBs, and place of births. (I went solo since hubby was working and didn’t have any documents, but my ID, and it was acceptable in Queen Anne County.) However, if you have  any divorce or widow decrees you will need to bring a copy of that along with you or have knowledge of all information pertaining to it. But, if you’ve been married before, why are you reading this?
5. How do I find out more? Google… or click the handy little links provided below:

Charles County
Prince George’s County
Anne Arundel County 
Montgomery County
Calvert County
Queen Anne County
Howard County

6. Now what? Get married, duh! Your officiant will know what to do with it. S/he will send in one part, keep one part and give you the pretty part.
7. How do I change my name?  You need to first take your marriage license to the SS office and get a new card. They give you something temporary in the meantime. (FREE!) Then you go to the MVA and get a new license. ($35) Then, it’s easier to do everything else. If places require you to have a certified copy of your marriage license, you have to get it from the county it was filed in ($5.00-$10.00).  After that, don’t forget to change it with your work, bank or credit union, doctors, utilities, tax people, insurance peeps, college, credit cards, voter’s registration, library, etc.
8. I’m not changing my name, am I done? Yep. But don’t forget you have to update your tax status (they want more taxes from you) and if you need to get on any home owner deeds (or vice versa) and home insurances… beneficiaries of IRAs, life insurance… and all that other fun legal stuff that I don’t know about — and don’t want to know about.
9. Wait, so that’s it? Well, yeah. It’s not that bad…Except for the fact that most County Clerk’s office hours are 8a to 4p Monday thru Friday so that could be a problem for the 9 to 5ers.  But, other than that you’re good to go!

Happy Planning Beauties & Gents!




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